Serious Incidents and Merging Scouts

This week has felt incredibly long. The week began with the announcement that my Scout troupe will be forced to merge with another in my village due to low numbers. One week, only 8 kids came. I had to cancel a camping trip with them because only 7 signed up. On paper I have 26 scouts. In reality, an average of 10 regularly turn up. Both troupes in my village look large, however the numbers that turn up are very low. Unfortunately, this has forced me to step down. The decision of what to drop has been made for me and rather than having to weigh up the pros and cons to leaving each thing, it’s been made for me. I’m pleased in a way. I knew I wasn’t giving them my all because I was so tired and with the Friday group having more leaders I can step down without worrying.

On a more serious note, I was involved in a serious incident. I obviously deserved it. I told a student he couldn’t play in a concrete box full of  sand and probably cat urine, which other teachers have let him do. I dread to think what creatures have used it for a litter box and, considering I’ve asked for it to be removed repeatedly, it should not have been at our school site. Anyway, this particular student and I have a really positive relationship. As soon as he sees me he runs over to say hello, he instigates interaction and he generally follows my directions. Today, he must have just been filled with blind rage because he head-butted me a couple of times and pulled my hair. In case you’ve never been head-butted or had your hair pulled, it really hurts. If you looked at his face, you could tell that he didn’t really want to hurt me but he was so incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t understand him and annoyed that I wasn’t guessing what he wanted that he had to hurt me.

In all honesty, I wasn’t physically hurt that badly. My head hurt most of that evening but it’d gone by the next day. What really hurt was the fact that it was this particular student. I know we have a good relationship and I know that he picks me out of a crowd time and time again. It’s difficult when you throw yourself into each positive relationship. I don’t regret being full on in creating our relationship because he needs it, hell most of our students do. It just hurts all the more when they go for you.

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