North for a Wedding

So I’ve been in the northern lands for a wedding this past fortnight. I’m a family friend on the groom’s side and I hadn’t seen many of the other guests since the entire family moved north. It was strange to see so many old faces when I know that we’d all been in pretty bad states when we met. The ceremony was beautiful but I felt as though there was the underlying need to drink heavily; something which I haven’t done in years. The entire week was very family orientated with myself and my friend visiting several family members. It’s funny seeing these family members in different situations. I only ever saw her father in passing, a quick “hello” and “goodbye” before we went out, so spending time with him at the wedding and at his home was a little unusual.

I spent a lot of down time during this trip away reading ready for the new school term. When I looked in my diary I realised how much I have planned for the coming weeks. With Cubs, extra shifts through my part time work and my contracted summer scheme hours as well as the course and relaxing, I’ve managed to make my holiday pretty busy. I’m not necessarily sure that it’s a good thing or not but at least I won’t have a culture shock in September when I return to school!


Any thoughts?

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