Visiting Day

At the 5 week mark, a lot of the kids start to go home. On the end of the fifth week, parents and families are invited to come to camp to visit the campers. Visiting day hasn’t actually happened yet and is been the basis of a lot of excitement around camp. The kids all get to show off their new learnt skills to their families in the activity of their choice before they get to go out into the real world for the afternoon. With just one full day left till visiting day, it feels like a mad rush of getting the kids ready and looking presentable-ish!
I’ve been able to get climbing again which seemed a lot easier the second time round! I actually remembered to bring my mobile so I could take a picture from the top.


I’m starting to dread the end of  the summer. The last thing I want to do is go home and stop working here. It doesn’t feel like work ’cause it’s all so much fun.


2 thoughts on “Visiting Day

  1. ahf says:

    Claire it all sounds so amazing love the pictures! Cant believe youve been mountain climbing seems thrilling! Come home though I know your dreading it but England misses miss harwood!!! 🙂 lots of love ahf xxx

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