Timid first steps

Despite a ridiculous journey here, settling into camp has been exciting. I’ve been assigned 11-12 year old girls who will be under my care for nearly 8 weeks. They don’t arrive for about another week or so, so the next few days will be filled with me brushing up on my techniques and learning more about the camp.
Meeting new people is always hard and doing it jetlagged is even worse. I’ve finally got used to the time difference about 4 days in. It’s really helped as I’ve finally began to remember names and the layout of camp and now I can start settling into a routine with my fellow leaders. I’ve been lucky in that while its a small community with a lot of strong standing friendship groups, I’ve been included as a whole. If the kids are as nice as the leaders and have as great an attitude as they’re said to have I can’t wait for them to arrive. If this continues in the way it’s began, I’ll be well on the way of having an amazing summer.


Any thoughts?

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