Saying goodbye

Unsurprisingly, the last few weeks have been filled with goodbyes. It’s had me reminiscing over the last couple of years.
Two or three years ago, I never would have considered going abroad alone. I would never have even applied for Camp America around that time, so it’s seems especially crazy that I’m going to be on my way there tomorrow.
This last year has built my confidence, pushed me way beyond my comfort zone and taught me new skills. While I’m giving up a lot of those activities to take on paid work in September, I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given. Doing all of these different thinga has helped me make decisions for my future.
There’s a poster in my Scout hall that says that Scouting is about teamwork, fun and adventure. When I started my gap year that was exactly what I hoped for. I’ve been incredibly lucky, with volunteer work, with the sporadic paid work and my parents continued support and encouragement. My gap year has been better than I could ever have hoped and I can only hope that it’ll continue when I return to the UK.


Any thoughts?

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