Well, I’ve been missing in action for the last month or so. I swear I’ve got some good excuses!

The last six weeks have been filled with camps and trips away and extra volunteer hours and birthdays and anniversaries and god knows what else.

My camping trips have made me feel as though I’ve finally cemented my position in Scouting and I was asked a rather important question on one of the camps. I have been asked to step up as Akela in the new school year. Our Cub pack’s current Akela is stepping down after many, many years so I’ve got some big boots to fill. Hopefully my personal enthusiasm and hard work will pull me through the difficult first months, especially with a team of dedicated and caring leaders behind me.

My trips away have pinged me back and forth to more Northern parts of the UK, discovering some new places with friends, and re-exploring old places with family. It’s been strange leaving these friends and family members behind with wishes of luck for the states. It’s felt almost final saying good bye to many of my friends. With so many of them still in education, I won’t get to see them again until October half term or Christmas. I’ve accidentally not seen people for that length of time but this time round it seems different. I’m about to go on my biggest adventure so far and I think the sheer distance is what’s made me think October as a million years away.

Regardless, I’ve still got stupid amounts to do in preparation for leaving for America, so I’m going to cut it short here. Hopefully I’ll get a few blogs out while I’m away but I’m not going to make any promises!

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