Nearly Finished Holidays

Well, I think my fortnight holiday ended up being busier than normal term time, what with extra meetings and journeys away and all. Having said that, it has been brilliant fun. It’s been months since I saw a lot of my family and friends just because of camps and fundraising and the such like.

One of my close friends (probably closest when I think about it) was one of the people I visited during my holiday. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her so it was great to hang out again, despite having to take her to hospital with her gammy shoulder more than once! Around the hospital visits, we went to a museum where we learnt that cutlery only refers to things that cut, not spoons and forks as well as knives. We certainly didn’t know about it so we’ve both been spreading the word about the truth of cutlery! She’s just moved house so I imagine she won’t see this for a while but since she asked to be mentioned I thought I couldn’t put it off or I’d forget!

I also spent a couple of days with my aunt and uncle with their little boy. I say little boy, and by that I really mean baby. I’m kind of determined to become the favourite cousin so I spent an awful amount of time pulling silly faces, cuddling him and singing him nursery rhymes. I’ve been working on building train tracks and Duplo buildings so I’m pretty sure I can declare myself as the best toy builder in our family!

The second Saturday brought a day of laser quest with the youth group, where I got thrashed. By teenagers. Half my problem is that I was trying to shoot right-handed instead of left. At least, that’s the excuse I’m going with. The kids loved it, and that’s really what’s most important. It proved that we had to do more with them. Allowing them the opportunity to be competitive with each other meant that I managed to begin finalising a few ideas that the young leader had started to put forwards to me. Having been shot down with the idea of having more regular meetings that everyone would be able to attend, I had been feeling a bit down about the youth group. I decided to pitch the vague idea to the kids who were there and they all seemed keen on it. Having something I can actively do for the group means that I feel a bit more positive about it. A few weeks ago, I was torn about returning to the group when I get back from America but if there’s less negativity within the volunteer team I wouldn’t hesitate to get stuck in all over again.

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