Easter Holidays

This is the first long holiday I’ve had from all of my clubs and most of my normal activities. I now remember why I used to declare holidays as “boring”.

It’s a bit sad to admit, but I really miss running around like a mad thing and I’ve challenged that by forcing myself to visit as many of my friends and family members who live away from my area as possible. It’s been a lot of fun but it’s been a bitter reminder that petrol is expensive!

I’ve not really had a proper school holiday for about five years so it’s quite strange to have the free time. The downside is that I’ve contemplated applying for a bog standard retail job for the next few months. I know it’d be a waste of time and effort, especially when I haven’t really organised anything for my America trip. I know I’d hate it, which is why I’ve hesitated over bothering with applications. It does mean that I have less to talk about though so I’ll try to keep today’s post short (plus I might actually get it out on time!).

I’ve spent a lot of time working on that accursed story I started back in November. Around that time, I liked novels with unlikable characters and I think I must have reflected that in the story. I read over the first few chapters and I realised I hated the main character. I guess that means I can make him grow as a person and encourage the reader to see him in a different light as the story progresses.

Any way, I’m off to go to a laser quest thing then go see my baby cousin so hope you’re all looking forward to a long weekend next week!

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