Daily Prompt – Traveller

Since I’m extremely late with this post, I figured I’d take inspiration from a (now really old) Daily Prompt post. As you’ve probably noticed from my previous blog posts, I like to travel. When I was leaving senior school, I said I wanted to travel. Four years on from that I didn’t want to have the time to. An extra year on from that and I am loving every travel opportunity  I can get.

Finding the right balance of organisation is frustrating for me since I’m always torn between wanting to do everything and wanting to just wander around and see what I find. The thing that changes all that is having kids around. As soon as you’re on a Cub or Scout or whatever camp, you need to plan things so that they don’t get home sick, are tired enough to fall asleep early at the end of the night and so that things actually get done.

Since I do a lot of travelling alone, I try to have one or two big things booked in advance, then wing the rest of it. Sometimes, winging it can mean that you end up sat in your tent or bed or whatever thinking about what you could be doing. Other times, you can stumble upon something amazing that you would have completely missed if you’d stuck to a rigid plan.

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