Wrong Interview Dates and Behaviour Chats

I was supposed to go to an interview on Wednesday. I rushed to get there, all nervous that I’d miss my exit or wouldn’t be able to find the place. I got there ten minutes early, made sure I didn’t smell of horse, and strode confidently into the reception… where I was told I was an entire week early. At first I was confused, then I double checked my letter. It said 12th March, not 5th March. I’m not entirely sure what made me believe it was this week and not next. I think it’s something to do with never needing to know the date and something to do with the fact the date on the letter started with “Wednesday”. My own stupid fault really.

Last week, the youth group leaders agreed to discuss the young peoples’ behaviour with them. While it may seem obvious to adults what the rules of a certain group should be, it isn’t necessarily the same for young people. The rules at Scouts seem incredibly different to those at the youth group, although a lot of the values are the same. Bullying obviously isn’t tolerated in either place, however the Scout leaders almost encourage rough play and always get involved (I don’t think I’ve come home without bruises yet), while dodgeball is really the most physical the youth group gets. It’s difficult for me as a leader since I’m at Cubs and Scouts, where activities are more physical, for two days on the trot and am then expected to reign it all in and discourage the boisterous behaviour at the youth group. Our discussion within the youth group focused on what the young people thought the rules should be rather than just telling them off and it worked pretty well. One of the leaders is beginning to feel disenchanted with spending his evenings yelling at kids but, after the chat, he found the group more manageable. I actually think he’s almost too strict, although I know I’m too soft. I possibly try to treat them too much like young adults, much in the same way I treat the Scouts. If the Scouts don’t behave as adults, they miss out on games and badge awards. There isn’t that risk at the youth group, so I’ll be trying to start a young person of the month, to give them that encouragement.

Ok, enough of my rant about behaviour.

I think I’ve made a decision as to my future post-CA. I’ve half decided to get onto the first rungs in social work. The parts of my week that I enjoy the most are not dissimilar to some of the aspects of social work so I’m going to finally bite the bullet and make a move in that direction.

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Any thoughts?

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