Back to Normalish

Having dragged the France story out several weeks after I actually went, it’s about time I moved on. The major downside to big adventures (no matter what you consider big) is that everything seems boring afterwards. The first week or so after the French Misadventure, I found everything mundane. I used to love hanging out in the pub with my mates but it was suddenly boring to be sat there with a pint of shandy when I knew there could be something more interesting out there. It’s something that’s difficult to explain when you’re put on the spot but it just a case of your normal life not being the same as the holiday/trip/whatever you’ve just got back from.

Having been on a bit of low after returning from France it was a real blow to my confidence when I wasn’t successful in my teacher training applications. Looking back, I can see that I was lucky to even get the two interviews; the other candidates (and there were very few in both instances) were older than me, worked in schools, had kids themselves, were currently managers… in hindsight, I know I didn’t stand a chance next to those candidates. It has made me question whether teaching is the right path. I know I’d make a good social worker, but that would mean going back to uni for another three years before I could even begin looking into work. It’s a lot to think about and this year, I am limited on time.

There’s a big reason for the time limit. I was hired by Camp America last week. I am so excited by this. My initial interview was so long ago, the whole application had slipped my mind. I’d become so wrapped up in my worries about the next academic year, working in America had become a distant fantasy which I never expected to be a part of. Being offered this job, where I’ll be working with young people and teaching horse riding at the same time, has actually made me excited for the rest of the year. I was beginning to regret quitting my job, I wanted more to do and I was panicking about my future. The fact that they wanted me at all has built my confidence again and I’m not doubting my decision in leaving bar work any more.

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