The French Misadventure – Home

So after a pretty late night (I didn’t find the hotel till about 2:30 in the morning) I crawled out of bed around 9 and hurried out into Paris again to catch a train back to Le Havre. This time, I decided to be more sensible. I knew the road name I was looking for and I stopped regularly not only to check the mini map I had but to check the station maps which were by every train station.

I made a short “detour” which I feel like I ought to bring up, simply because it was so random and unexpected and I would never have seen it if I hadn’t taken the wrong turning. I have no idea what the road was called, but it mostly had fabric shops along it. Advertising these shops, above the entire road were giant lampshades. There were so many of these lampshades, all so beautifully made and so perfectly arranged, it made the entire “detour” completely worth it. Talking about it a few weeks on makes it seem pretty lame but at the time I was completely in awe of these things. I’m going to assume it’s just that my re-telling has made the description slip a little.

The train journey was fairly quiet and uneventful and lead to me, once again, getting lost in Le Havre. It took me about an hour and a half wandering the dockyards to find the foot passenger boarding area. I was prepared this time. No way was I leaving my luggage in holding. I wasn’t going to doze for five hours. This time, I was going to read and have something to eat and drink. I’d sail like a prince.

This did not work out.

That slightly drunk feeling without drinking I had the first time I was on the ferry was magnified to an extent that I spent the majority of the time rushing to the bathroom. I’d always thought I was a pretty sound traveller; I’d never been car sick and I’d always survived the ferry ride to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth. This was the end to that confidence.

In case you’re wondering, I managed to survive my first encounters of seasickness and my first holiday alone. I’d never experienced that post-holiday boredom but this little adventure had triggered that. So now, I’m looking for the next adventure.

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