This Last Week

This last week has been pretty mental. I went from taking a three-hour car drive to a potential teacher training opportunity to going to France on my own. This means I haven’t had much sleep and I can hardly recognise my own bed.

The interview wasn’t too bad, despite my 5AM start. It was really interesting being able to sit in on a class before you were interviewed. It allowed you to get a feel for the class sizes and how the school would expect lessons to be run as well as getting to know the school layout a wee bit. The school itself is huge. It was easily the same size, if not bigger, than the college I went to four years ago. It was strange being at a school which was so large. I’d always thought that my senior school had been enormous, but comparing the two, mine had been a pug stood next to an Irish wolf hound. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit. But not by much. Exaggerations aside, now it’s just that nail-biting wait to hear their decision. As they pointed out, the interview was for us both to decide whether we were interested in the other, and I was definitely interested in their school. Here’s to hoping I was as interesting to them!

The day after that, I went to France. Alone. If you know me fairly well, while I’m fairly outgoing, travelling alone isn’t really something I’m big on doing. I find it harder to explore alone. I’ll talk about the trip (AKA The French Misadventure), which certainly had its ups and downs, in another post.

The week also brought another invitation to an interview for a different teacher training course. This one is slightly closer to home and I’m pretty pleased that I’ve got the second offer. At least this time round, I’ll get to have two shots at it rather than having everything hanging on one single thread.

It’s the time of year that the Cubs and Scouts start planning their camps for this half of the year and I’m already looking forward to helping with several different camps before the summer comes in and, in theory, Camp America begins.

On that thrilling note, I’m going to leave you to continue knitting my (wonky) scarf.

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