Exciting Weeks Ahead

Last week started with a massive bundle of good news. I have been invited to an interview for a place on a teacher training course.

I’ve been that mix of nervousness and excitement all week, heightened by the fact that it is only a week away. I think it might be a good sign that they responded so quickly but it hasn’t made me calm down about it. By this time next week, I may well already know how my future will pan out.

The week continued in a positive way in that I have been asked to become one of the chief leaders of the youth group I help run. It’ll pretty much mean I’ll be doing exactly the same though occasionally I’ll be left with the keys to the building. It was pretty nice to be asked. It proved that I’m hard-working and caring and the older members of the group wouldn’t have asked if they hadn’t thought I was right for the job. It’s meant that I feel a lot more positive about what I’ll be doing in the coming weeks and I’m feeling as though I’m ready to take it all on.

My lucky streak ended when I thought I lost my keys to the Scout Hut. If you’ve ever been inside my car or looked in any of my bags, you can probably understand why I managed to lose them. I call my mess “chaotic organisation”… most people would simply describe it as “shit hole”. I literally spent days looking for the keys to no avail. I even searched the car park at the Scout Hut in case they’d fallen out of my pocket. It was only after I’d admitted defeat and told the leader who has some spare keys that I found them… in the washing machine. I’ve attached them to a bigger key ring so hopefully that won’t be happening again!

I wrapped my week up with a trip to London, where I hung out with a volunteer I met at CHICKS. We stayed in the outskirts of London, ate nice meals out, drank wine like fancy people and watched crap television.

I’m pleased that quitting my job has led to a few adventures already. I was worried that I’d be bored and stuck at home, failing at playing a ukulele and giving up on knitting patterns. I’ve been fortunate in that my friends who live far away have been keen on me visiting them and that my local friends have been equally keen on going out till 5 in the morning with me. I can only hope that the coming months are just as exciting as the past three weeks have been.

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