I’m Free! (and I have no idea what I’m doing)

This was the first week I was free from the frustrations of working in a bar. Looking back, it wasn’t actually all that bad, it was just the little things that made me resent working there.

Either way, I’m free!

I decided to start my new life of non-bar work by going and visiting a friend in Sheffield. If you’ve never visited there, it’s a lovely place. There’s so many places to just amble around, looking at the scenery and pretending to be some healthy hiker (when you started your walk with cake and you’re going to end it with cake). My friend and I were, back in school, fans of the Arctic Monkeys, and every time we pass somewhere that is somehow connected to them, I get offered a little factoid. “This is Eccy road, you know, from their song”, “my brother and his girlfriend saw them there before they were famous”… etc. We visited a town nearby called Castleton where we went to two caverns. It was pretty cool, though I was disappointed that we didn’t get to climb up to the castle which looks down on the village.

On returning home, I discovered something pretty horrifying. I am spectacularly boring.

I haven’t had weekends off or free time since I was in my first year at college and I can’t really remember what I did back then. I know I used to have hours of horse riding and competitions at least once a month but I’m much too unfit to dive straight back into that. I don’t play any instruments, I don’t have any creative hobbies beyond this blog and I don’t have many interests outside of reading and my pets.

To make myself at least appear more interesting, I’ve decided to take up a few things. I’m going to (probably fail) at learning to play the ukulele and I’m going to get back into knitting. I’m sure you’ll all be updated on how badly these are going over the course of the next few weeks!

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Any thoughts?

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