Belated New Year

So here’s a slightly late “happy New Year” to all and an incredibly late blog post!

The New Year brought me my last day of work in catering and another surprise that I didn’t expect when I got home.

Leaving my work was strange that day. I didn’t expect any fuss over me leaving and there wasn’t really. A couple of hugs and a few people wishing me well, which was exactly what I hoped for. It hasn’t really clicked that I’m not going to be working there any more. I decided to go away for a few days after I finished so, at the moment, it just feels like I’m on holiday. I think it’s going to start to click next week, when I don’t go in for my normal Tuesday lunch shift and then properly hit me at the weekend. I’m so used to working Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday, I’m not entirely sure what people do on weekends. If someone could tell me what most people do of a weekend, I’d be grateful!

Getting home was the strangest part though.

Our family dog was, very sadly, put down in November. She wasn’t very well and we agreed that it was kinder for that than to expect her to stay with us over the Christmas holidays. While it was certainly the right thing to do, it left a void in our household. If you’re a person who likes having any pets in your family, I’m sure you understand. Not having a dog in the house made my home stop feeling like home. My sister and I grew up with dogs and the only time we’ve been dogless (I’m assuming that’s a thing…) has been when we’ve had to make the awful decision concerning life and death.

Despite that, the empty void was filled on New Years Day.

I knew that my family were going to call a few people about getting a dog while I finished my last shift. I didn’t ever expect to come home to find a ten month old german shepherd cross in our living room. Obviously, we’re still getting used to each other and with people coming and going with the aftermath of Christmas, it’s a lot for a young dog to take in. She’s a lovely dog though, and I’m sure once we’re properly used to each other, we’ll get along fine.

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