Stepping Down From Management

It’s been a strange month at my work place. This is partly due to the team still getting used to our new management team and partly due to me not being a part of that team any more.

It’s a little strange for me to be told what to do when I’d become used to being the one leading the team. Adjusting to changes is part of life, but has been a bit of a culture shock to me. I’m so used to people having to do what I tell them to that it has been very unusual being in the position of a normal team member.

It’s a feeling I have to get used to in some respects; if I go to university next year I wouldn’t be the leader of very much at all. I’ve more than made peace with that within the world of education. It’s just a little harder for me to accept that I’m not the one calling the shots any more on the bar. I suspect I’ll find myself doing management work occasionally until I finally leave!

In other news, I made a twitter account. It cut the “ure” off my name so apparently I’m on an advent. I’m not entirely sure how to use it so who knows how that’ll pan out.

I’m going to keep it short since I’m in no way organised for Christmas, so hope you have a happy holiday.

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