Leaving the Bar

Since my updates are becoming more sporadic, I’m going to try to keep it short and sweet so I don’t get distracted and forget to finish it off again.

My leaving date is coming closer at an enormously rapid rate. I handed my notice in on 1st December and we’re already half way through the month. I’ve only got about a fortnight left as a bar maid and then I’ll be finished. It’s only just dawning on my that it’s actually happening. In about two weeks time, my work shifts won’t end at midnight with me smelling like stale beer and food. Instead, I’ll be cleaning the Scout hut a few times a week.

Part of my agreement in offering a months notice was that I would be able to return to my contracted sixteen hours a week. I had a few reasons behind this. Firstly, and possibly most importantly, I’m not enjoying it any more and I was exhausted. It’s difficult to motivate yourself for a job you don’t enjoy when you’re so tired all you can think about is crawling into bed. The second reason was to get me used to having the extra free time. I wanted to get the novelty of having time off finished with so that I could do productive things with my time. In theory.

Since I’m finally realising I haven’t got all that much organised for a good couple of months before I possibly move onto something else, I’d be more than grateful for any suggestions for things to do with my extra free time. I’ve already got plans to go to France and Sheffield and I’m planning on finishing my NVQ but any other ideas would be greatly appreciated! (I might get to do something I’d never thought about before!)

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