Festive Spirit

I realise that this post is quickly becoming this week’s rather than last week’s so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Just in case nobody had guessed I’m going to talk about Christmas, simply because it’s the right time of year and it has an impact on myself and the people around me.

My parents always tried to contain our… enthusiasm for the Christmas period by making us wait until the traditional(ish) twelve days before to decorate our house. I guess it was pretty successful since they carried it on through my childhood and we’re still waiting now. I never understood why people decorated on the 1st. It becomes less exciting if you decorated nearly a month before the event. Having said that, I know a girl who put her decerations up in mid-November, so I guess it’s not all bad.

I became disenchanted with Christmas after having worked Christmas day for three years. It isn’t very much fun. No matter what you get offered for working Christmas day, it doesn’t distract you from the fact that you’re not able to spend it with loved ones. Instead, for the past three years, I got to scrape left over food into a bin and tidy up after other peoples’ escapades. It’s tough to get excited about Christmas when that’s what you know your day is going to be filled with: strangers and their mess.

This year is a little bit different.

This year, I have Christmas day off.

This year, I have a baby cousin.

This year, my (slightly belated) Christmas gift will be leaving my place of work.

It’s silly how a little thing can change your perception of so many different things. Even the little things aren’t quite as annoying as before. I even nearly enjoyed shopping the other day. Having a baby to entertain and knowing that I’ll only have three or four working days after Christmas day has got me so excited, I genuinely feel like a kid again.

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2 thoughts on “Festive Spirit

  1. xuyeens says:

    I can feel your excitement from your post. 😀

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