I foolishly forgot to post anything last week since I got caught up in trying to get myself organised for the coming week. I’m going to post two updates in the next few days so I guess that cancels it out.

For the majority of the last week, I was away in Cornwall, supporting a charity called CHICKS. Until I applied in the Summer, I hadn’t actually heard of them before. Having gone to one of the camps, I can honestly say that it’s a really cool cause.

Considering there were only three paid workers who had to run the entire week and get six volunteers (five of whom where new to the charity) organised as well as the kids, it was impressive. They kept the structure flexible, planning each day as it came, adjusting it to suit the kids rather than hoping they would cope with a certain pace.

It wasn’t even as though the activities were all on site either; there were “field trips” literally every day. Two of the leaders had to drive a mini bus full of excited 8-11 year olds with only three extra supporting adults in each bus. The preparation was obviously there; the whole week ran smoothly and everything that was planned happened.

I had an absolutely amazing time there, even though I was exhausted when I got back home. The only down side was that returning to work suddenly became a thousand times harder. In fact, the difficulty returning to work pushed me into making a decision I’d been toying with for a while. The start of December became the start of my month of notice for my resignation.

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