Teaching Assistant – Access Course

Before the summer started, I applied to become a voluntary teaching assistant at a local college on an open access course for English. For a very long time, nothing could be done about it. Colleges run on school time tables, even with classes running after office hours. So finally, a few weeks ago, I became a teaching assistant in an English class, after a long wait for my DBS form to be sent to me.

As a whole, I feel like a spare wheel in the class. If the students don’t need me… well, I’m not needed at all. The teacher delivers her lesson without me, I am literally just the support for when they start their work for the evening. If they all understand and don’t need or want help, I’m useless, which is pretty frustrating.

It’s nice to use my knowledge though. It’s been a good couple of months since I’ve talked about English with anyone. That’s excluding me telling people I’m reading a really good book and their response being “oh”. My passion has always been, and always will be, English and not being able to talk about it or work with it as a main focus feels wrong. It’s meant that I finally feel like I’m connected to the kind of world I want to be involved with, which is obviously a good thing.

It’s been brilliant so far, being able to see the kinds of mistakes people can easily make and finding out ways to help work through them has really helped develop my ideas about teaching methods. This experience has proved to me that working within the class room is where I want to be and, hopefully, this year I’ll achieve that dream.

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2 thoughts on “Teaching Assistant – Access Course

  1. xuyeens says:

    The same to me. I’m also a teaching assistant now. This job is really intersting, especially when I find out the way to fix students’ mistake and their English is improved. I was so happy when the students said to me that they feel confident to speak English now, which they never felt before. That’s so great! I definitely think you will have the greatest and useful experience when teaching.

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