Night Time Saving

I thought I’d throw an extra blog post out there today despite falling way too behind on my Nanowrimo entry. Today, on my way home from sorting a letter of reference out, I found myself behind someone who ended up stuck in a ditch.

If you’ve never been in any form of car crash, it’s scary. If there are casaulties, they have to take priority, if the cars are in the way, they need to be moved, if someone is driving alone, they need to rely on the help of strangers.

The girl who drove into the ditch wasn’t only very young but a fairly new driver. She was using a road she didn’t know very well and simply misjudged how tight (and slippery) the corner was. So she was young, alone and, quite obviously, stuck.

I automatically stopped and got out the car without thinking about my own safety, something which someone else actually brought up. I think it’s that good-natured country girl in me who can’t see the bad in a situation. As the other person who stopped pointed out, the car in front could have been anyone; the girl may well have been somebody with less than innocent intentions.

What was most shocking about the situation was that plenty of people drove past, but nobody else stopped. It’s tempting to allow someone else to deal with a difficult situation but it was unbelievable how many cars just drove by without stopping. In fact, other than myself and the woman driving the car behind me, only one other person wound down their window to see if we were ok and that was mostly because he recognised me.

It’s definitely changed how I see things like that. It’s all too easy to pass the responsibility onto someone else, especially if there’s already another person there. If I ever see something like it again, I hope I’ll keep this in mind and help them regardless of my own plans.

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