The Bournemouth Birthday Trip

Since it was my younger sister’s birthday on 15th October, I decided to drop her a visit at university. It was while I was visiting her that I crossed one of the activities off my “to do” list.

I’d only ever been to Bournemouth once before. We’d gone to see the Royal Republic who were supporting the Subways. My sister and I weren’t big fans of the Subways and seeing them live didn’t change our opinion, though the experience made us love the Royal even more. We didn’t actually explore Bournemouth then since we got there just in time for hearing the band we wanted to see but this time we were a little more flexible.

Bournemouth is actually quite nice; it has a similar feel to Southsea, which is close to where we live. The only major difference was the number of hills. It was pretty cool seeing a city for the first time with someone who knew a lot about it. I usually go to new places with people who have never been there before so it was nice to hear the stories she had about various places.

From the looks of things, it’s quite easy to plan fun things to do in Bournemouth… if you’re organised. My lack of organisation and planning meant that the night I would be there didn’t have much going on. Luckily for more there was a live music act and I knew we’d have a laugh regardless of what the band was like.

I’d only heard of the Nordic Giants once before so I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting us tickets for. The place we went to was a funny little venue which had sofas around it. I’d never seen a music venue with sofas in it before so I was pretty excited about that. It was kind of weird watching the band play from a sofa. I must admit that the Nordic Giants aren’t a group I’d buy an album to listen to in the car. It felt like if we didn’t have the visual element, we wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.

Not everything quite went to plan that weekend, but it worked in a disorganised, fun kind of way and I’m looking forward to planning more trips like it.

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