My Gap Year To Do List

I’m a massive fan of lists. If you’ve ever found it difficult to get up in the morning or tackle a set of tasks, creating a list of things that you want or need to do is a massive help. This is why I’ve created an extra page on my blog.

I have a tendency to chicken out of things that are a little different to what I’m used to. If I have a list of things that I want to achieve, I’m more likely to go through with them. My plan is to publicly share this list, so I haven’t got the chance to lose it or bury it somewhere it’ll be forgotten. Hopefully, I’ll be able to cross things off my list and write about them on here, sharing my achievements and failures as they happen (and possibly making updates more regular!).

The list will change as I do; I might change my mind about a charity or become attached to a new one. I want this list to reflect my growth over my gap year regardless of which direction it takes me.


Any thoughts?

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