Birthdays and Differences

I’m a little bit late posting this since my birthday got in the way of drafting it then I was lucky enough to get three all day shifts in a row. I’m so glad Sunday has an early close time is all I’ll say!

Birthdays are always a non-event for me. I don’t like telling people ’cause I don’t like a fuss but Facebook put a stop to that. (You remember that person from your Biology class in the first year of college five years ago? No? Well he wished you a happy birthday!) I prefer to see my family and grab a few beers with a couple of friends which is pretty much what I’ve done every year since I turned eighteen. I’m ok with it. My parents bought me the most amazing poster. It’s Macbeth in its entirety written in the shape of Scotland. It’s pretty damn awesome.


The difference I’m going to talk about is my manager leaving. He was offered a similar position somewhere else and he agreed to take it, leaving us in the hands of a holding manager whilst our new one becomes fully trained. This change lead to another one. Me being told that I had to decide what I was doing with my career. I can understand my old managers frustration at me not being a hundred percent into the management role. Despite understanding his frustration, it’s my life and saying that I want to become a manager in a restaurant would force me away from teaching. It’s a decision I’m not quite ready to make.

Since we’re left short of managerial staff, I have been pushed into duty managing for the first time on my own Tuesday lunch time. I know it’ll be quiet. I know my business through and through and I know how to do everything that I need to in the building but that doesn’t stop me being nervous. I’m at least four years younger than the youngest member of staff who’ll be on and, other than this twenty-six year old, have worked there for significantly less time. It concerns me that if there are any problems, I won’t have the respect that I need for them to listen to me, regardless of how much effort I’ve been putting into the business over the last year. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell a shining tale about how I succeeded in rallying the team and broke all possible records for 1st October. I won’t be holding my breath.

I’m only going to briefly mention this second difference ’cause I think it makes me sound big-headed but it’s been a turning point for me so I feel like it ought to be thrown out there. At the last youth group session I went to, I played table tennis (very badly on my part) with one of the girls who went. After she’d had enough of laughing at my appalling attempts to rally with her, she thanked me and told me that she wasn’t enjoying school at the moment since she hadn’t made any new friends. She later told me that she looks forward to going to youth group because she thinks that it’s the most fun she has all week. It was heart breaking to hear her say that and it’s a youth group which is only supported by the Parish council and the few pounds which are paid into every evening that made the difference. The fact that I had a part in brightening her week has meant the world to me and I hope that I’ll be able to help not only her but other people in the future.

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