Work Examination

Part of my managerial training involved taking an exam for a personal licence. The exam itself was easy and, if I hadn’t left the preparation till the last minute, so were all the forms. I think the worst part was how the exam crept up on me. One week I was finishing off my uni deadlines, then just a few weeks after I was shoved into the back seat for a supposed hour journey (which became 2 and a half) to the most stressful examination of my life.

As I mentioned, I’d stupidly managed to leave all of the preparation to the last minute. I didn’t even have any I.D. suitable photographs till around 8pm the evening before. All I’ll say is Asda and a good neighbour were life savers that night!

Now, considering how disorganised I’d been, I was still shocked at how much more disorganised other people were. Several actually got turned away because they hadn’t arrived with the correct documentation. There were so many people who were arriving late without even calling ahead, who didn’t have any forms of identification, didn’t even have their photos signed. It just seemed like madness to me, especially since this exam is what makes the difference between a team leader and an assistant manager. It was frustrating for myself and the other two people I went with; other people being disorganised meant that we had to wait for the second exam sitting which was over an hour later.

Either way, our trio survived the ordeal.

It took around a fortnight to get our results back and every single night, I dreamt that I was fired for getting five out of forty right. Those dreams bothered me so much I mentioned it to my boss for reassurance. He laughed. Luckily for me, I passed and did not get fired. I’ve come away from the experience as a personal licence holder and with the knowledge that leaving things till the last minute is possibly the worst idea any one can ever have.

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