The Near Death Experience of my Car

My car, affectionately name Evangeline, broke down for the second time in four years ownership yesterday. An eighteenth birthday present, that little car has experienced two speeding convictions, one car crash, one new battery, an entire new exhaust, a kicking in from either a cruel stranger or a vengeful ex, six new tyres, several jump starts, hundreds of miles worth of road trips and thousands of pounds worth of petrol.

Considering I’d recently paid just under £200 for her to scrape through her MOT, I had resigned myself to looking into buying a new car. I’d always promised myself that I would never spend more than her insured worth on her repairs and last night looked as though the half journey to youth group would be her last. Assuming the worst, my dad and I thought that the head gasket may have blown. Luckily for me, a proper look in the morning let us know she just needed a new water pump.

My biggest concern with Evangeline has always been that she is old. She was manufactured in 1996, which, as I recently learnt, actually makes her vintage. Despite her vintage age, as I mentioned before, I have loved that car to pieces. Looking at getting a new car was awful, and I was only doing it “just in case”. The only thing I could really afford was a scooter which could reach a total speed of 38mph and didn’t have a working start button.

Unfortunately, without my car, I’m limited to what I can and can’t do since I live in the country side. Without her, I can’t do all my work or voluntary work, since it varies from a 5 minute stroll to a 25 minute drive away. Taxis cost so much in my area there was no way I could afford that option for any serious length of time and closing down the bar I work at could end at one in the morning, crossing my family and friends out as potential ride givers. My village gets so few busses, it’s hardly even worthwhile considering it as a method of travel.

Are any of the rest of you in a similar situation with travel? Does anyone else feel as though they’ve been cut off from humanity when their mode of transport has broken? I hope I’m not the only one who screamed with excitement when I found out I wasn’t going to have to send my first car to scrap yard heaven.

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