Daily Prompt – I’m a Rock?

This is the first break in schedule for my blog in about a month (pretty impressive considering my previous track record) and that’s because this is the first Daily Prompt that I felt I ought to write about.

I have always been rubbish at knowing when to ask for help, especially when I need it the most. As a child, I was always taught that if I wanted something done, I should do it myself. While that’s a work ethic which is vital in the real world, I began taking it a little too literally around two years ago.

About two years ago, my family was in a bit of a dark place, and a combination of that along with financial struggle, academic stress, too much work and poor physical well-being lead to me drinking a colossal amount of alcohol. I always feel as though those issues are nothing in comparison to what other people go through, are identical in some cases, but that was where I was. I wouldn’t say I was actually an alcoholic. I was still managing to go to university and work and, although I’d dropped in grade and productivity, I was trying as hard as I could at the time. It wasn’t until over a year of living a life where I genuinely believed I’d need a shot of vodka to start my day that I realised it wasn’t right. I quit drinking for a calendar month (the worst of my life so far) and I slowly tried to get back to the point where I was before I started drinking so much.

Had I mentioned to my friends and family how I was feeling, they doubtlessly would’ve tried to support me. It’s difficult to believe that people want to help you in your time of need so it becomes easy to push them away. With hindsight, I know that if I had turned to them, they wouldn’t have judged me for needing help; they would’ve supported me in as many ways as they could. It’s for this reason, if someone turns to me for support, I will always try to the best of my ability.

While I still believe that you should try to make it alone as much as possible, I also believe that picking and choosing when to ask for help is the most important life lesson I could have ever learnt.


Any thoughts?

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