Nobody enjoys interviews; why would they? They’re stressful and scary and they never seem to show you in the best light.

That’s why I was so terrified when I was told that I needed to have informal interviews for every single voluntary position I’ve taken this year.

It’s understandable needing to interview any potential volunteers, especially when there are children involved. That fact does not make it any easier for me.

I am rubbish in interviews. Before 2013, I’d only had six interviews and only half of those were successful. I didn’t have a good track record for them as I entered my final year of university and had to begin thinking about the interviews for my future.

I had one for my PGCE, which was unsuccessful, and another for becoming a teaching assistant, also unsuccessful.

I’m used to being a big fish where I work and I’ve always been at least average in education, so being rejected suddenly felt like a punch to the stomach. I wasn’t the obvious choice, as I hoped I could have been. Instead, so far as I was concerned, I was the loser who couldn’t be trusted with the job.

Interviews with charities are a little different. They’re more relaxed about it; you’ve offered your time and energy for free for a good cause and you’ve already spoken to at least one person several times.

Combining knowledge from previous interviews the best advice I can offer is take a deep breath then pretend to be the most confident person in the room. Even if you aren’t successful, you’ve taken a step towards achieving what you want to. It’s all experience one way or another and there’s no point giving something up after not quite making the first hurdle.

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One thought on “Interviews

  1. xuyeens says:

    I caught myself here! :)). Thanks for sharing it!

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