Shakespeare and Songs

I took a long weekend off a little while ago and did two things I’d never done.

1 – Saw a Shakespearean play (appalling considering I have studied his works several times)

2 – Went to a festival (also pretty shocking as I’m pretty keen on live music)

I got to drive the gloriously long distance from my home town to Stratford-upon-Avon, from there to Oxford, then up to Sheffield and then all the way back to Portsmouth. I love driving. I love my old Micra, I love listening to rock music on a CD my sister made me and I love driving with my sunroof open. I do not love wondering whether anything will fall off my car if I hit a speed bump too fast.

It wasn’t really about the driving.

I fell in love with Stratford. It was truly beautiful. My friend and I went to a Tudor museum, where we wrote with an ink quill and tried on hats, then we saw Titus Andronicus. I’d read this play before, written about it in at least one essay, and watched a fairly ancient BBC version of it and none of that prepared me for the theatrical performance. It was literally mind-blowing. It aroused sympathies for characters I’d never been attached to before. I almost wanted Tamora’s sons to remain alive while I still wanted them to be punished for the rape and mutilation of Lavinia. I’d seriously recommend checking out an RSC production; if you ever get the opportunity, it’s not one you’d want to miss.

The next day brought the start of Truck Festival. I was running on the assumption that a festival was pretty much a cool mixture of camping and concerts. I love both of those things and I was more or less right. I rocked the hippie look for the entire weekend pretty successfully, discovered some new bands who I’m trying to keep track of and saw my favourite band. My friend caught a pick from the Royal Republic and she gave it to me since she didn’t really know them.

It was busy and exhausting but so much fun it geared me up for an entire year of volunteering, working and going on random trips that don’t quite fit together.

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